Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tornadoes and Tomatoes

I challenge anyone reading this blog to go to their local grocery store, find the produce cooler, and spend fifteen to twenty minutes in it with about ten other people you don't know, all while trying to control a splitting headache.

'Cause that's what I did tonight. And it sucked. I work at the local Country Mart, and we had tornado warnings in our county. We shut off the doors, made an announcement on the intercom, and headed back to the corner of the store. In my company were two small children, and only one of which cried, surprisingly briefly at that. Also, there were three whiny old women who just wanted to get their groceries and leave and were very dismayed that we refused to check them out while a tornado threatened to ravish the store around us. Other miscellaneous people who wisely chose to keep their mouths shut were also present. We walked back and forth three times to that cooler until the store manager finally deemed it was safe for us to stay up front. No damage to the store, but some nearby trees blew down, as well as a bank sign that I have yet to see.
As you may have guessed, the store died after the storm. (This is not counting the half hour I spent after the storm answering the phone calls of worried parents, concerned relatives, and interested employees, probably hoping the store was blown away so they wouldn't have to come in.) Probably about 5-8 people came in between 7 and 10. And don't tell my boss, but we closed about ten minutes early.
I have refused to do my English homework tonight due to weather. I may regret this decision tomorrow, but hey, I'll deal.

Until tomorrow,

Monday, March 17, 2008

Here it is!

So, I got a little jealous of my sister's blog, and I made one of my own. My blog; however, will not be documenting the adoption of a new child or the hilarious exploits of children. You see, I am much younger than my sister. I am a senior in high school with a very opinionated mind. On this blog, I will post my opinions of what's going on around me, be it local or abroad. Be forewarned, my words are not always nice, but they are mostly true.