Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are you there, readers? It's me, Katie.


*crickets chirping*

Well, if any of you are still around, I have an announcement.

*more crickets*

Ahem...well then, I thought you should know that I am officially back from my unofficial summer hiatus! Summer is a pretty busy time for me, so I didn't get a chance to blog. I had to work 25-30 hours a week at this horrible green and orange grocery store (that shall remain nameless). I had to make sure the boyfriend got enough attention (because we live in different cities during the school year...okay, I might have needed the attention). Plus, I traveled to Ohio three times. Yes, you heard me, THREE. In case you're wondering it was 1400 miles there and back each time.

So, dear, probably non-existent readers, I am back. School has begun. I have even less free time, but a better internet connection (which somehow makes all the difference). Also, I can blog at work because I have a cushy desk job (that is not at a horrible nameless grocery store).

If you feel like sticking around, you'll get to see me make SOME progress on my WIP. (I actually started it, guys! I typed words! I sound silly, but it was exciting!) You'll get an interesting recount of my week in New York City with Amanda Johnson. You will also get book reviews! Lots of book reviews! Plentiful in quantity and hopefully quality!

I hope you decide to stick around. :)