About Me

As you have probably already figured out, my name is Katie. I'm a college senior, and I'm (almost!) 21 years old. My majors are English and Spanish, which means I do a lot of reading and writing, and puedo hablar espaƱol. :)

Some of my favorite things are books, the internet, sweet tea, and traveling. I'm hopelessly addicted to TrueBlood. I love to bake. I spend way too much time on social networking sites, and I'm a big ole nerd.

Most often you can find me either 1) in class, 2) working, or 3) reading. I read A LOT of books. (No, really. You'll see.) Since I was a kid, books have always been an escape for me, so I spend a large amount of time with them. I read a little bit of everything, but my heart resides with the YA books. To me, the content has more freedom, the writing is fresher, and let's face it, YA is just more fun. :P

After I graduate, I plan to attend graduate school and pursue a degree in linguistics. Yes, I like words THAT much, so please ignore me if I drift off into word etymology or how the English Book of Common Prayer DESTROYED the Cornish language. It just happens sometimes.