Monday, August 25, 2008


My classes are fairly easy so far.

I have Spanish four days a week with an awesome 60 year old Cuban man who likes to say 'hell' a lot. In the first five minutes of class last week, he made a racist joke. He looked out the window at the rain and said, "On a day like this, we're all wetbacks, huh?" Needless to say, he's very entertaining, and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth with this class. The homework is just a bit time consuming.

I also have calculus four days a week. I originally thought this professor was going to be very boring, but he does seem to have a bit of life in him. The material isn't terribly difficult yet. A lot of engineering, pre-med, and pre-pharmacy majors are in that class. The engineering majors are cocky, but they've got nothing about which to be cocky. They're not any smarter than the rest of us. I heard one guy say this today: "If anything is going to keep me from getting my degree in four years, it's going to be that class." I laughed.

I only have geography three times a week, and right now we're just taking notes over basic things. I think I'll enjoy it more when we get into the actual subject. The instructor is very passionate about what he teaches, so it makes the class interesting.

My least favorite class so far is physical science. The man teaching it is beyond boring. He makes jokes only he and the twitchy boy on the front row find funny. He repeats himself constantly. He's also apparently from somewhere other than the South because he asked, "What do you guys call it, pop or soda? Or do you just call everything Coke?" I really hate that. Just pick one. We'll know what you mean. That's not even relevant to the subject. Talk about science. It's a really easy class, too, so that just adds to my boredom.

I have an "Orientation to University" class tomorrow that I've yet to go to. I think it's going to be lame. I also have to go to Spanish lab once a week, and that just happens to be tomorrow, too. On Thursdays, I have a two hour physical science lab, but I haven't been to it yet either.

The cafeteria food is decent. The dorm still sucks, but I'll deal. My roommate and I don't talk. She's actually speaking rapid Japanese to someone on Skype right now. It's kinda cool. Oh, and I hate laundry. :)


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Oh dear, laundry is just starting for you!

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