Wednesday, January 20, 2010

College Life

Sometimes college is really great. You're away from your parents. You're learning how to be independent. You're your own person. You learn cool stuff in really awesome English classes (mmm Shakespeare). You hang out with your friends.

But sometimes college really, really sucks. Let's use the example of a fire alarm. Let me set the scene for you: It's 7:40 in the morning. You are sleeping soundly. You don't have class until one, so you aren't planning to get up until ten. Life is good. Then some idiot decides to take a hot shower with their bathroom door open. What does this do? It sets the fire alarm off for the entire building at 7:40 in the morning. You are sleeping. Other people are trying to get ready for class. That douche bag just ruined everyone's morning, but hey, at least he's clean! -_-

So your fire alarm isn't just your standard high pitched ringing noise. No, no. Your fire alarm is SPECIAL. It makes this horrible siren sound which is followed by a lady's voice announcing, "There has been an emergency. Please evacuate the building. Do NOT take the elevator." Never mind that your building doesn't have an elevator. O_o

You're sleeping soundly, having nice dreams when the alarm goes off. You flop over in bed, suddenly awake. You shout to your roommate, "Melissa! What is that?!" She says, "It's the fire alarm." You say, "Oh." You totally thought that the near by nuclear plant was melting down, but it wasn't. So your sleep got interrupted. You had to march downstairs and outside in your pajamas. Your morning might have sucked, but at least you didn't get exposed to radiation!

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