Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super Cool Contest

The good people over at Romance Yardsale are having a super awesome contest. They have all kinds of super awesome gifts for writers and English majors, which, of course, made me completely ecstatic.

This shirt is my personal favorite. I like it because I am a fledgling writer, and sometimes I feel a little awkward or...insane when I'm writing down story details, especially if someone tries to look over my shoulder. This shirt makes me feel like I'm not alone! Plus, the color is pretty. :)

To enter the contest, you just pick your favorite item (which will be difficult because they have lots of cool stuff). Then you blog about it, tweet about it, or comment about it on the Romance Yardsale website. Super easy.


Amanda J. said...

Well, doesn't that look familiar?! :) And totally awesome!

I've never tried to read over your shoulder, so I'm going to assume that was a little jab at me. Also, welcome to posting again, Katie! :P

Katie said...

The jab was totally intended for obnoxious people around me in class who should be paying attention to the lecture (even though I'm not) and not reading my story notes. :)

Amanda J. said...

LOL. And the blog looks great. dear! L)