Friday, April 30, 2010

Are you sure it's Friday?

First, I'm sorry I haven't posted the review. It'll appear next week sometime, maybe Tuesday since that's Dead Day. To make up for it, I'll also be posting the review of The Luxe's sequel, Rumors ('cause I just finished it last night!).

Second, is it just me, or does it not even feel like a weekend right now? It's Friday afternoon, and all that's on my mind is homework. Lots of homework. Here's what I have to do:

  • 8-10 page research paper over the use of the "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale in Mercedes Lackey's The Fire Rose
  • 5-7 page research paper over any topic I want having to do with Shakespeare
  • 3 500-word reading responses
  • Chapter 12 online workbook for Spanish
On top of all that, my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, is throwing a benefit ball tomorrow, and I'm in charge of set-up and decorations. Woo!

As far as writing goes, I'm starting on character sheets. Today during my Shakespeare class I started the character sheet for my MC, and I got her physical description done. :) I'm hoping during my downtime during finals week I can more accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

With all that work to do, it doesn't sound like a Friday. Hope you got a lot accomplished.