Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh dear.

I've just had a sudden realization. The past few days I've been experiencing headaches. They've not been too terrible, and I've just been banishing them with ibuprofen, but still, there was no reason for them.

I sat at my desk, doing homework and drinking a bottle of water when I realized, I haven't made tea in about three or four days. The pitcher ran out, and I found myself content with water, so I didn't bother making it. Besides, the cup and a half of sugar I add to the tea is probably not too healthy for me. I hadn't made coffee in at least five or six days because the mug was dirty, and it was a mess to deal with the coffee grounds. I haven't had a soda in over a week. My supply ran dry, and I'm too cheap to buy more. Also, I have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to soda. I don't really know when to stop.

So, as I was drinking my water, I thought about my headaches. It was then that I figured out they were CAFFEINE HEADACHES. Because I haven't had caffeine in days! I'm not sure this has every happened to me before. In fact, I probably wouldn't have even thought about it if I hadn't run out of bottled water and brewed some tea (though I've yet to make it).

So maybe I should just drink my tea in moderation? Try not to drink the entire gallon in twenty-four hours? Wish me luck. I'll give it a shot. Maybe if I mix water in my beverage cycle, I won't be tempted to sit around drinking tea all the time because that's what I normally do.

This has been a weird blogging session. I mean, really, it just bowled me over that I had caffeine headaches. I've only ever had a caffeine headache one other time in my life. Normally, I have a streaming supply of tea or soda. Hmm. I'll keep the water drinking up and see where this gets me.

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Naenay1012 said...

Maybe because you have drank a gallon of tea a day since you were 2?