Monday, September 22, 2008

Smoking: Keep it to yourself.

When I arrived at college, I realized tons of people smoke. I'll admit I've been pretty sheltered from the habit my whole life. When I was young, my parents both smoked, but they gave it up when I was about seven or eight, so I don't remember breathing skanky air. Various family members smoked at family gatherings, but it was easy enough to escape before I gagged. Smoking was not something I dealt with every day; I went to school, work, and home, and none of these places had smoke/smokers/smoking.

Then I moved to college, and BLAM! Smokers everywhere! Generalization for the day: Everyone smokes in college. Smoking is so common that my dorm has a "smoking tree" under which people gather to smoke. At my school, you're not allowed to smoke within twenty-five feet of a building's entrance, but this rule is blatantly ignored.

One building has a lovely shade-providing awning, a quaint little bench, and a trashcan outside one of the doors. If you think this is a place to relax between classes and maybe have a snack, you are wrong. This is obviously a place for smokers to hang out, talk, and gag people with their disgusting habit. Nevermind they're withing FIVE feet of the building's entrance; that's their smoking cove. I have to enter through this door three times a week, and each time there are at least three people polluting my air.

One day, there were three faculty members smoking near the door, and they were so engrossed in their smoking chat, they couldn't hear me say a polite 'Excuse me.' while trying not to inhale. The smoke around that area is so thick, I have to hold my breath. Random fact about me: I suck at holding my breath. I think it was my downfall in swimming lessons. ("Dead Man's Float, everyone! Hold your breath and float on your stomach!" "O_O But I'll die!") The only positive thing about this situation is how much I've learned to appreciate clean, unpolluted air.

I may sound whiney, but I don't feel I should be subjected to unnecessarily skanky air just because some cannot follow rules. Why would you want to smoke anyway? It's bad for your teeth, bad for lungs, and bad for your face. I don't know how many times I've seen an attractive guy on campus only to be disappointed by a cigarette in his hand. Smoking is a turn-off, a deal-breaker.

Think of yourself, and don't smoke. If you must smoke, think of others and keep it to yourself.


Naenay1012 said...

They are just trying to be cool.

Katie said...

They're failing. Majorly.

Tiffani said...

Everyone smokes here,too. I pass them on my way to class. It's like they are walking to class, smoking, and hacking up their guts. Wtf. You'd think they'd get the message.